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  • Cheapoair Neglegent Refund Practices (5Months and still waiting)

    I have been waiting over 5 months for a refund from this company for tickets that have cancelled back in December 2013. The airport that I was scheduled to fly into was destroyed by a Typhoon. I was promised on several occasions that it would be taken care of and have been passed around from agent to agent and put on hold for over 30 minutes on one call... I've asked to speak with a manager and was passed to the business office that never has a person answer the phone your are merely sent to a line with a recording ... I have planned at this point to take the matter up with my credit... More...
    ejblackmon's Picture   ejblackmon    1 Comments   Comments
  • Flight ticket online booking issues with

    I tried to book from South Africa on CheapOAir, being flights from Calgary to Juneau then from Prince Rupert to Victoria. I tried to pay for the tickets and experienced the following problems: It will not accept my 16 digit credit card no. There is no option for South Africa on the Credit Card Billing Address section for me to pick South Africa from the drop down list for country. It will not accept the South Africa country code for billing phone. I then emailed to ask them to help me resolve this problem. I emailed 3x with no response. I tried calling the toll... More...
  • Refund 7-14 business days??

    I tried booking airline tickets online with Cheapoair, but when I gave my debit card number to accept the final price a new screen said that the tickets were no longer available at that price. My phone immediately rang and an agent at cheapoair found a more expensive ticket and told my I should act fast or these tickets may get taken as well. I asked about the cancellation policy and was told that I could be refunded if I cancelled in 24 hours. So I purchased the tickets and 20 minutes later I found direct flights from United for $200 more. So I called cheapoair to cancel, but I was told... More...
    joeyhelms1's Picture   joeyhelms1    4 Comments   Comments
  • Help

    This is going to far...I bought 5 tickets with cheapoair, and the main reason i bought ticket with them was because two of my flights were with turkish airlines, so they are my MSC, therefore any other flight has to go by their rules when it comes to baggage allowance which is two free baggages per person, but what cheapoair did was they put on my itinerary number one baggage per person. I have called them for 5 days in a row, I tried to get any help and they basically hang up on me. I have called turkish airlines and they told me that that's how it has suppose to be, but when... More...
    Evadion1's Picture   Evadion1    1 Comments   Comments
  • customer support

    Hello Mr. Orlando, Thank you for contacting us. We have reviewed your bookings and do see the following: Booking # 20716241 is the Air ticket and was charged US$1018.38 = $291.00 base fare p/p + $237.19 taxes p/p =US$1056.38 - US$38 = US$1018.38 Booking #20716800 is the Hotel reservation and the total amount charged is US$539.92 The total charged is US$1558.30. As per your request, the Hotel reservation has been cancelled. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us. If using a debit card, this can appear that a double charge has occurred. The bank get's... More...
  • Flight Cancellations - Refunds Debacle at CheapOair

    This company is very unprofessional and uncaring as evidenced by many complaints. Yet, when it responds to tickets/complaints, it portrays the image that is professional and caring. The highly unprofessional, uncaring and dishonest culture at CheapOair is evident by the various flight cancellations debacle CheapOair. And they make it worse by what it seems to me as a deliberate effort to avoid refunds. What is posted by them here and what their agents confirm over the phone is different. I am not sure if Gertrude received the right assistance from the schedule change team. I did get... More...
    mpatel's Picture   mpatel    2 Comments   Comments
  • Double Charges to credit card

    I made a booking for a flight from Melbourne to Manila for 2 people with Booking #20716241. After looking for some hotels from your website, I added a booking for a hotel in Manila at Artina Suites with Booking #20716800. However, after checking my booking receipts. I was double charged for the flights which was reflected on both receipts. Hence, I would like to request for the cancellation of the hotel booking and be refunded for the double charges to my credit card. Thank you and will await your response to my email. Thank you More...
  • Non refund of changes

    Its Been almost 25 days after the cancellation still awaiting for the reversal of the charges as per cancellation acknowledgement, no one picks the call or chat or replies to email from ChepOair. Here my acknowledgement. Thank you for choosing for your travel reservations. This is in reference to your reservation with booking # 20275678. The cancellation fee of $0.00 will be charged to the credit card on file. The total amount of $592.56 will be refunded to your credit card. You may see multiple refunds: $375.00,$72.00,$97.76 and $47.80 within the next 7 %u2013 14... More...
    anupkumartv's Picture   anupkumartv    1 Comments   Comments
  • Gertrude Ruggiero

    Never, Never buy ticket on cheap. Someone just called me today and told me to read my email because there is a big change to my flight coming back from Ancona Italy to Los angeles. and I need to stay overnight in Munich on my own expense. I told him that is not my fault I did not change the flight. and the man is rude told me that nothing he can do just accept the email. I have been calling the number to change the schedule and I was on hold for almost 3 hours now. this company is very unprofessional. I was so angry right. any suggestion where I can complain. Please reply. More...
    hesperia1951's Picture   hesperia1951    1 Comments   Comments
  • Not so good first time Iternational flight

    I bought my plane ticket from cheapoair and had the worst experience ever. my first flight was canceled and than re scheduled hours later. that was ok but than I traveled with Etihad airways from Chicago to Abu Dubai. we had a emergency landing due to a passenger getting dehydrated which caused a delay. I was fine with that. than another emergency landing due to another passenger getting sick and I herd they are deceased now. we had to land in London and stay the night there than leave the next morning. I was very upset, this was my first international flight and it was not so good. I lost... More...
    jessicag's Picture   jessicag    2 Comments   Comments
  • Flight Cancellation

    Booking No. 17619328 We booked flight from Rio to Salvador during World Cup time. TAM airline cancelled this flight and there is no viable alternative for our group. I have paid nearly $4,000 and we require urgent refund so that we can make other arrangements as we have match tickets for the day we booked to travel. Honestly, nobody is bothered to respond to my issue at CheapOair and I have spent so much time and money calling the agents. All I get is a special dept will look into this and get back to me. This is a lot of money and we are in limbo at the moment. TAM has already agreed to... More...
  • Booking error.

    Hi guys. Well today I searched on a fare from SJO - San Jose Juan Santamaria, Costa Rica , to BCN - Barcelona, Spain, departing the 03/12/2014 and returning 03/04/2014. The fare that I found was with Avianca and had 1 stops. The fare had a total price of $1082.11 (without the taxes and other services it had a price of $969) I proceed with the booking and filled the spaces with the information required and when I clicked the "Booking" button it did nothing. It didn´t proceed with the booking check. I again clicked the "Booking" button and... More...
    monicadiaz's Picture   monicadiaz    1 Comments   Comments
  • cheapoair

    Cynthia F, very sorry to hear you are having a difficult time booking on our site. Airfares can change at any time, and are based on availability. We rely on our airline partner's to update our website in a timely manner, but at times that is not always the case. I would be glad to assist you with a reservation. Email us your booking details at CheapOair Customer Support More...
  • Dont trust this unethical travel agency guys

    will never buy airline ticket from cheapoair again. I had my flight booked from Calgary Canada to delhi new on march 3rd, 2013. I had to cancel my flight because cheapoair agent gave me wrong information that i wouldn't need a visa for my connecting flight in USA because i am permanent residence card holder in Canada. But when u went to the airport for my flight i was told that i need a visa so i had to cancel my flight. I didnt get even a single dollar back after i cancelled my flight. So i lost almost 1200$ to so called cheapoair. Please stay away from these agents guys and get ur... More...
    sohi's Picture   sohi    1 Comments   Comments
  • An airline penalty?

    Booking #19952219, so I recently purchased a roundtrip ticket, but due to the bad weather conditions and people's flights getting snowed in because of it, I am unable to do the flight. I just can't see myself being stuck in a whole other state for hours upon hours maybe even a day when my husband is in one direction thousands of miles away waiting for me to arrive and in another direction my 3 young children are thousands of miles away waiting for mommy to come back home. So I decided to cancel. The guy from customer service (which is in India by the way) said that I would have to... More...
  • customer service

    The pricing online after you already have an existing reservation is not always applicable. Your first ticket may of been a consolidator fare, which you cannot rebook with a published fare. We do not make up pricing as we go along, there are rules and special classes of service that we have to follow. Very sorry for the inconvenience. More...
  • fraud by customer service center in india

    dear sir my booking number is #19891013 i would like to make amendments in my ticket with one i can see available and rate available online and just pay the penalty for the change along with the price of the new ticket but the customer service say they do not go by the online prices once the ticket was booked they get to decide the price of the new ticket and they offer a huge difference in prices which i think is a scam i need to change my itinerary from 28th of feb to the 1st of april to be on the 11th of march back on 18th of march with the price available online plus the penalty More...
  • Ticket Refund

    Since i have booked my ticket yesterday for flight from Zagreb to Riga and aftet some time the ticket was canceled and i was ofered a option to book another ticket,which I did but at the same time they didn't refound me the money for the first ticjet they just charged me another amount for another ticket Which made me upset and angry i did send allready my complaint form but no one is replaying on that and no one is doing any thing about that. Would like that my money is totaly refounded for previous ticket. More...
    Velimir's Picture   Velimir    0 Comments   Comments
  • follow up

    This response is regarding Neil and the schedule change that Saudi Arabia has implemented in his mother's flights. The airlines make the changes, or cancellations. As a travel agency we are only given the options that the airline provides, in this case, they were not acceptable to the customer, therefore he did cancel, and is receiving a full refund. We do understand the inconvenience it can cause, but operational changes with airlines is out of our control, as well as any travel company you book with. More...
  • Cheapoair - Booking number 19338447

    BOOKING NUMBER: 19338447 To whom so ever it may concern: I booked a flight for my old and sick mother, who would be traveling alone from mumbai to Riyaad and then from Riyaad to Toronto and her flight out of India was for the 2nd of April 2014. This is the first time that I have booked with Cheapoair and I have had the worst experience ever. Since the time that I have booked, I have been receiving constant emails (5-6 emails already) with regards to changes in my mum's flight schedule (in terms of waiting time at the airport ranging from 4 hours to 16 hours) and I have gone ahead... More...
    neil1981's Picture   neil1981    0 Comments   Comments
  • cheapoair

    Our billing team will review your charges. Keep in mind, we are a US based company so there will be an exchange rate on the total charged to you. Also, there is no $50.00 discount, we offer you UPTO $50.00 off, but that is when you have 5 people traveling. They would of received $10.00 off the service fee, however, you were not charged a service on this booking. You also selected traveler assist of $11.95 in U.S funds, which was included in the total cost so that should of not been a surprise. The other charges we do not see $533.80 was the cost of the plane ticket for a total of agreed... More...
  • Bait & Switch

    I attempted to book two flights this morning with due to them offering the lowest price. On the website I was quoted 486.01 base fare per person 24.60 in taxes and fees per person for a total of $1021.22. I also had a promo code "NY15" that brought the price down to $1011.22. Due to this price, I cancelled my booking with Kayak and decided to book with these guys. I went through the "oops someone got the last seat - the flight is now way more expensive" message, yet starting a new search still shows the original price. I was promptly called by a... More...
    bjstick's Picture   bjstick    1 Comments   Comments

    I cancelled my reservation over the phone on 5 hours after booking. The CheapOAir representative told me that I will get my full refund back if I agree to pay $125 cancellation fee. At the end I agreed to pay the cancellation fee. I've been tracking the activity on my credit card and notice that I'm not getting the full amount back from CheapOAir. They billed me $125 more for cancellation fee but broke their promise to pay me back my full refund. Also, they have a strange policy -- they will only give you your full refund if you cancel your reservation within 4 hours after... More...
    soCal168's Picture   soCal168    1 Comments   Comments
  • Cheap o air - Very poor service

    Please don't take any advice from Cheap o air. I really had a very bad experience with one of their agents. They are not professionals and they don't know any proper information. I booked my round trip ticket from US to India. I clearly mentioned to the travel agent that I have work visa in US and planning for a vacation to India. He helped to book ticket from India through Toronto (Canada) but never told me that I need a transit visa. Though I clearly informed the type of Visa I have in US. Airport authorities ihn India didn't allow me to fly and I have to cancel the ticket... More...
    MB007's Picture   MB007    0 Comments   Comments
  • Toll Free Customer Service Agent Hung up On Me

    I called the toll free number, with a flight I wanted to buy, I got on the phone with a lady, she was very nice, after a lot or waiting on hold, she told me that the flight was booked. About two hours later, a man called me saying that one card didn't work, I had to use to cards to purchase my ticket and my boyfriends ticket, and i had explained that my credit card was to buy my ticket and my boyfriends credit card was to buy his ticket. when the man called back he said that my card was used to buy my boyfriends ticket and vis versa. After being on hold and then trying to understand... More...
    ginageorge's Picture   ginageorge    1 Comments   Comments
  • I booked two simultaneous flights

    I was told I would have to pay a $200 penalty after canceling one flight in order to get credited for that value in the purchase of yet a third booking so finally I called back and they explained they would contact me in 20 minutes that all reservation agents were busy but that was hours ago already,and now I am reading all sorts of horrible horrid stories of other enraged customers of More...
    dcullman's Picture   dcullman    1 Comments   Comments
  • Frustrated!

    I have emailed CheapOAir regarding my booked flight and the price of the flight more than six times to every email address i could find on their site! No one has responded to any of my emails. I have been extremely polite, considering being completely ignored me now they have my money, but now i am feeling so frustrated and annoyed. I wish i never booked with these guys! More...
    CCMcloughlin's Picture   CCMcloughlin    2 Comments   Comments Reviews By Product Comments

Tontoe says: (6 months ago)
Connection at Dallas between flights was just 30 minutes of time arrival & departure at different terminals. AS I Tried to cancel trip was given many excuses as to why no refund.

hatecheapOair says: (1 year ago)
I bought a $137.10 ticket from cheapoair for aircanada and lufthansa flights. air canada cancelled the flight due to strong winds on the day my flight was scheduled to take off. air canada called me and tried to offer me alternative flights but none was favorable for me cause i needed to be at my destination for a purpose and to arrive anytime later would defeat the purpose of my trip so aircanada concluded that i will recieve 100% refund and they instructed me to contact cheapoair for the refund since i purchased through cheapo. This was 12/21/2012. When I initially contacted cheapoair, they confirmed the flight cancellation and promised to issue a refund in 3-4 business days to my credit card. That never happened. I've spen over 100 hours on the phone with cheapoair. Their stories and resons for not issuing me a refund changes every day. One time a 'supervisor' told me he had processed the refund whiles I was on the phone with him and he said to expect my refund in 4 business day. That was a game. He never did. well it feb 2013 and I still haven't recieved my refund it. air canda and lufthansa both told me never to do business with cheapo again because the hear similar complaints all the time from customers. CheapOair drags on and on until you become fed up and you give up then they take your money. Ironically, the latest rep who has been sending me emails name is '' Really, all they ever write in their emails are the same old same old lines and games to prolong and drag your refund if you ever recieves it. some of my friends have been lucky with travelocity n expedia. please never cheapoair. The indian reps have no emotions. they don't care. they are reading you scripts when you call them. i'm in the process of taking legal actions against them.

randrews says: (2 years ago)
Dear Winwoo, you haven't contacted me in order to resolve your complaint. Without your actual name and booking number, I'm unable to determine who you are. Please email me your 8 digit booking number and I will see that the fee is refunded. The fee is not just to select seat assignments but also has travel related assistance such as making dinner reservations, baby sitting needs, arranging car transportation, discounts for shows, so there are many benefits to the service which where listed when the offer came up. Email to
place blog in the subject line

gyanarc says: (2 years ago)
Bunch of liars and money sucking vampires, i paid $1800 for my wifes ticket thru their website and after 2 days realized that return date was 2 days after the departure date to india, it takes almost a day and half to go to india and i dont know how the system worked to getback in 2 days well i had to pay $455.00 to change the date, even though i called 2 days after the booking, well we had to cancel our trip including my ticket they said each of us have to pay $150 fine to get the credit and we did now i wante dto book the tickets even though the prices are lower i cant take use of that, they say that i have to pay either higher or the equallant fair (compare dto last time) and after that i have to pay a penalty of $200 per these guys are crazy somebody has to stop them i booked 7 tickets thru them i spent more than $12,000 us doallrs...and i am done with their cheating, i am filing a case, anybody wants to join feel free to email me at

Volker456 says: (2 years ago)
I bought an airline ticket from flying from San Diego to San Francisco.
Shortly before the departure I became ill with a strain of the H1N1 virus. (Highly contagious). I called to change my flight. Ceyln in Manila advised me fly anyway and infect all the passengers on a plane, because a changing the flight would cost more than a regular ticket.

Flight number 557 United Airlines.

kevinispissed says: (3 years ago)
Cheepoair sucks, reservations were wrong time, would not work with me. Lost my $197.00 ticket, can't fly at that time, they suck!

andie says: (3 years ago)
Cheapoair charged two of my credit cards for the same flight. I did this with an agent over the phone. The first credit card was supposed to not have gone thorugh but it did. Customer service from cheapoair do not reply. Neither Delta Airlines from whom the ticket was issued. I lost 914 $ from using cheapoair. I did not succed to get a refund.

benton918 says: (3 years ago)
This is the worst site for booking any flights EVER. I am an active duty soldier who saved up enough money to fly my folks to where I am stationed. The price that I agreed on was the best around but then days later they changed the price didn't ask and took the money right out of my account great job CheapOair this is highway robbery hands down I will never use this site ever again and I will make sure every soldier knows never to trust this site.

teppi says: (3 years ago)
It's too bad and too late. I already booked 3 tickets from CheapOair and now want to post comments to let traveler know do not by ticket from them: here is what I experienced from them:

I already booked 3 flight tickets from CheapOair website and what i have found out that they never offer the cheap airfare tickets. The thing is they control the airfare by themselves, in my case i want to book my tickets earlier to get the cheap airfare, for example one ticket of mine had base price 1802$ CAD and i had to pay for tax and fees for 400$ something and then very surprised I came back to CheapOair website one week later to check how expensive the ticket i booked now, the base price of the ticket went up to 2,200 something BUT the tax and fees just 94$CAD. It means they can adjust the base price and tax and fees of airfare to maximum their profits and the customer absolutely have no chance to get cheap airfare. Another thing, when I call 1-800 number to ask why i had to pay so much tax and fee and their representative is very rude to explain to customer and even they dropped the call as i want to talk to their manager.
Another issue, very bad to support for customer. I want to change my itinerary just for one leg, to move time of departure earlier, they charged me almost 300$ CAD, I didn't accept and call to Air Canada, they changed for me. This was what i had experienced with CheapOair website and don't recommend traveler buy tickets from this website.

jaklin says: (5 years ago)
I purchased two Ticket from Cheapoair on Feb 17, 2009 for $2195.64 us dollars and after 2 months I called to confirm the flight but after severl calls then I found out the flight is cancelled without noticing me.
I aske for my refund then Cheapoair passed me to Aeroflot airline for a Week and after two weeks they deduct $300 us money from my refund. How Cheapoair could do that when there is no service there

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