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  • BOOKING # 4456**** Been lied to twice

    I booked my flight from for a family vacation- My son has graduated from college- first one in our family, its a big deal been saving for this vacation - since he started college!! For All 4 of us. So I got the insurance which does us NO good unless were kidnapped or helped hostage, GREAT! But they guarantee their flights-I found it lower the next morning. CALLED, Got the run around, well you need to upgrade because your bags are going to cost you a fortune @ the gates & you need me to pick your seats so you can sit together- I was like ohh yes please thank you "Denham" Well... More...
  • Airline issue/ Class change/ Not allowed to travel

    Hi, I booked tickets for my family (Wife and 2 kids on Lufthansa - Booking #: 26435655) and they travelled to India on 10th May without any problem. The return ticket was on 21st Aug and when they went for Lufthansa check in counter, they asked to pay Rs. 1 Lakh+ to travel. It was a shock to my family and they called me (using someone else's cell as they were not carrying any phone). I checked why we need to pay this large amount, and was told that the seat class has been upgraded. I called CheapO'air immediately to check what is happening and the agent said we don't see... More...
  • Refund

    Re Booking # 24602055 Despite multiple calls and inquiries, have not got may remaining refund of $701.00 yet from cancellation made on 6/29/15. It has been a list of broken promises and lies with most recent conversation lasting >35 minutes on 8/24/15 upto Supervisor level who was supposed to call back in 5-10 minutes!!! still no response. More...
  • false pretenses on booking

    i checked with cheapoair on the flight i wanted re baggage.. and they told me as per the airline i was booking with.. i booked and they took more money out of my account than i agreed.. and then after bombarding them with emails they refunded the extra not showing in my account yet. now they are sayin i only have 1 peice and sent a new schedule and i still have the old one that doesnt show luggage and wont alter this or cancel. More...
  • Complaint-needs action

    Ref: Booking number 25711240 China Airlines Flight 0007 LAX-TAIPEI 1:05 am- June 23, 2015- Tuesday I purchased my airline tickets online and paid an extra $21.90 so I can reserve a seat of my choice thru an agent. My confirmed seats were 62F & 62G. When I checked in, the seats were 62E & 62F. The seat 62G (paid/reserved for me-a seat by the aisle) was reserved / taken by another client. I complained to the China Airlines supervisor and she told me that China Airlines doesn't charge on seat change. So I was so dissapointed, specially my wife , on this very long flight. More...
  • invalid plane ticket

    I purchased a ticket for my daughter a few months ago for her spring break vacation with her grandmother in california. We are from dallas and her trip was not direct and had a stop-over at phoenix. I purchased the ticket months before to get a reasonable price. I did. Around 430+USD. When she was about to board, we were denied because an unaccompanied minor cannot fly a connecting flight!! I was shocked and in such a hassle. We had to purchase another ticket on the spot which is more than twice the price of the ticket I originally purchased for this trip. Besides the fact that her... More...
  • Harassment and misguiding with wrong information for refund

    I purchased 1 Air Ticket which was marked as “Free Cancellations”. Date of Purchase: 03/01/2015 First time called for cancellation on: 03/02/2015 Booking Number: 26494331 Travel Date : 03/08/2015 (This is the reason it's extremely URGENT for me) contact infor : But when I called/chatted with customer care on 03/02 and 03/03 they were continuously mentioning to go through the policy, which is “Non-Refundable”. Even I explained that in the your Official Web Site it was showing as “Free Cancellation” and I have the... More...
  • flight S141370 & S41371

    booked 4 flights online for Dec 13 to Jan 4 and now to find out that we are only allowed a carry on of 8 kgs. per person. When booking it did not indicate that you had to pay extra for a suitcase. CheapOair provides you with the airline link (sata international) and still that link does not tell you that you have to pay for any baggage. I have called several times to CheapOair and the airline involved (sata international) and each says each other's responsibility. We have though through some negotiation with Sata International have gotten them to provide us with 2 suitcases for 4... More...
  • irritated

    I have never booked with cheapoair before this would be my first time & now my last! I feel lied to & I was so confused today while on my flight. I had booked a flight from Dallas/forth worth to Boise & n my itinerary it said I would be making 3 stops. Going from Dallas to Houston than Houston to Kansas & lastly Kansas to Boise. I arrived in Kansas only to be confused because my gate said it was departuring to Phoenix when nowhere was I told I would be making another stop. I feel lied to & taken advantage of cause I paid so much for a one way ticket only to spend 12hrs... More...
  • Complaint-constant changed flight schedule

    OMG! I am a frequent traveller but first time booked tickets via cheapoair. My ticket was purchased in February for Atlanta Georgia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for my 10 year old and me. They have changed my schedule 2 times. The last one 2 weeks before I take off July 1st putting my transit in Guangzhou from 3 hours to 21 hours. It had conflicting layover hours on my ticket. The discrepancy caused confusion. I called repeatedly to have correction. Was promised resolution in 48 hours which is too long and worse with no response after 4 more days! I am flying tomorrow! !!! Please help me!... More...
  • Through-checking luggage

    I have paid for a return airfare from LAX to BOG at a cost of around $800. I have since tried various methods of contacting cheapOair and I have either received no response (via emails) or the 24/7 online chat has begun and then disconnected in the middle of the conversation without a resolution of my query, which is this; Can I through-check my luggage from LAX to BOG even though there is a change of plane and airline in DFW? My airfare from LAX to BOG has one e-ticket number assigned to it, however there is a stop-over in DFW for 50 mins where I will need to change planes from an... More...
  • can't fly unless they sort

    a month ago i booked a flight with cheapoair and they inputted my daughter as an adult, therefore i was unable to put her passport details in, a month later this is still not resolved, after numerous calls,emails being hung up on etc etc I'm still not any further forward!!! MY DAUGHTER WILL BE REFUSED FLIGHT IF THIS IS NOT SORTED!!!! A MONTH WITH LOTS OF GIVE US A FEW MORE DAYS AND NOTHING my infant who cannot sit up was also booked in a seat costing $1300, i was told id get a bassinet for her- which now due to the mess she does not have that either!!!! they say they are sorting... More...
  • trying to resolve

    We have been in contact with quynhhoang to get this resolved. Below is the update from customer.When conferencing in her bank, someone disconnected the call, and we received an email that Hannah would work with her bank. “Hi Alair, Thank you for trying to contact me. Please contact me via phone number +84164650xxxx from now on. Sorry for the incomplete phone number on the booking. I'm still waiting for the conclusion of the bank's investigation, because I need to know where that amount of money went before taking any other actions. It's just strange that this... More...
  • Best Price Guarantee

    I booked a flight on, where they congratulated me on booking the best price for this flight. The next morning, I checked again and found the exact same flight on their website, and on for 70USD cheaper. I made a pdf of the ticket, showing that it was available to be booked (it even said 4 more tickets available at this price) and emailed them as per their instructions for the best price guarantee. Not receiving any reply from them after a week, I emailed again, and after no response, finally called them. During the call they tried to convince me that that flight at... More...

  • Bait and Switch?

    Day 1 - April 23. Began booking process by looking up flights on the internet. I needed two flights to Singapore - one originating in ATL the other IAD. I searched to find flights that connected in CDG. I found both and could (should) have booked them myself there and then. I decided to call an agent so that I could be certain the process would be smooth and all would be on one transaction. HA! Talked to Moshe, told him the flights I was seeing. I was told the one originating in ATL was no longer available. Ok.... so...... after much ado and working things around, he booked me on... More...
  • Flight ticket online booking issues with

    I tried to book from South Africa on CheapOAir, being flights from Calgary to Juneau then from Prince Rupert to Victoria. I tried to pay for the tickets and experienced the following problems: It will not accept my 16 digit credit card no. There is no option for South Africa on the Credit Card Billing Address section for me to pick South Africa from the drop down list for country. It will not accept the South Africa country code for billing phone. I then emailed to ask them to help me resolve this problem. I emailed 3x with no response. I tried calling the toll... More...
  • customer support

    Hello Mr. Orlando, Thank you for contacting us. We have reviewed your bookings and do see the following: Booking # 20716241 is the Air ticket and was charged US$1018.38 = $291.00 base fare p/p + $237.19 taxes p/p =US$1056.38 - US$38 = US$1018.38 Booking #20716800 is the Hotel reservation and the total amount charged is US$539.92 The total charged is US$1558.30. As per your request, the Hotel reservation has been cancelled. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us. If using a debit card, this can appear that a double charge has occurred. The bank get's... More...
  • Double Charges to credit card

    I made a booking for a flight from Melbourne to Manila for 2 people with Booking #20716241. After looking for some hotels from your website, I added a booking for a hotel in Manila at Artina Suites with Booking #20716800. However, after checking my booking receipts. I was double charged for the flights which was reflected on both receipts. Hence, I would like to request for the cancellation of the hotel booking and be refunded for the double charges to my credit card. Thank you and will await your response to my email. Thank you More...
  • Flight Cancellation

    Booking No. 17619328 We booked flight from Rio to Salvador during World Cup time. TAM airline cancelled this flight and there is no viable alternative for our group. I have paid nearly $4,000 and we require urgent refund so that we can make other arrangements as we have match tickets for the day we booked to travel. Honestly, nobody is bothered to respond to my issue at CheapOair and I have spent so much time and money calling the agents. All I get is a special dept will look into this and get back to me. This is a lot of money and we are in limbo at the moment. TAM has already agreed to... More...
  • cheapoair

    Cynthia F, very sorry to hear you are having a difficult time booking on our site. Airfares can change at any time, and are based on availability. We rely on our airline partner's to update our website in a timely manner, but at times that is not always the case. I would be glad to assist you with a reservation. Email us your booking details at CheapOair Customer Support More...
  • An airline penalty?

    Booking #19952219, so I recently purchased a roundtrip ticket, but due to the bad weather conditions and people's flights getting snowed in because of it, I am unable to do the flight. I just can't see myself being stuck in a whole other state for hours upon hours maybe even a day when my husband is in one direction thousands of miles away waiting for me to arrive and in another direction my 3 young children are thousands of miles away waiting for mommy to come back home. So I decided to cancel. The guy from customer service (which is in India by the way) said that I would have to... More...
  • customer service

    The pricing online after you already have an existing reservation is not always applicable. Your first ticket may of been a consolidator fare, which you cannot rebook with a published fare. We do not make up pricing as we go along, there are rules and special classes of service that we have to follow. Very sorry for the inconvenience. More...
  • fraud by customer service center in india

    dear sir my booking number is #19891013 i would like to make amendments in my ticket with one i can see available and rate available online and just pay the penalty for the change along with the price of the new ticket but the customer service say they do not go by the online prices once the ticket was booked they get to decide the price of the new ticket and they offer a huge difference in prices which i think is a scam i need to change my itinerary from 28th of feb to the 1st of april to be on the 11th of march back on 18th of march with the price available online plus the penalty More...
  • follow up

    This response is regarding Neil and the schedule change that Saudi Arabia has implemented in his mother's flights. The airlines make the changes, or cancellations. As a travel agency we are only given the options that the airline provides, in this case, they were not acceptable to the customer, therefore he did cancel, and is receiving a full refund. We do understand the inconvenience it can cause, but operational changes with airlines is out of our control, as well as any travel company you book with. More...
  • cheapoair

    Our billing team will review your charges. Keep in mind, we are a US based company so there will be an exchange rate on the total charged to you. Also, there is no $50.00 discount, we offer you UPTO $50.00 off, but that is when you have 5 people traveling. They would of received $10.00 off the service fee, however, you were not charged a service on this booking. You also selected traveler assist of $11.95 in U.S funds, which was included in the total cost so that should of not been a surprise. The other charges we do not see $533.80 was the cost of the plane ticket for a total of agreed... More...
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