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CheapOair.com Complaint

CheapOair.com Complaint




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parnianchi says: (6 years ago)
I am definitely interested in the lawsuit too! They called the company "Cheapoair" because they are really "CHEAP." To name their company, they might want to consider CHEATOAIR as well, since they cheat on people a lot.

parnianchi says: (6 years ago)
Cheapoair is a very good name . it is not about selling you cheap tickets! They called their company CheapOair because they are really really cheap! I have learned my lessons! I will never ever get ticket from them! They should have called themselves CHEAPO-CHEATO AIR! that is a better name. sine they are CHEAP and CHEAT on PEAOPLE

Iggyvan says: (9 years ago)
Origianlly written on PissedConsumer.com JUNE 27th, 2011

I have never been so appalled....at CheapOAir and myself for not doing research before ordering plane tickets. If I would have just typed in "reviews" I would have found more than enough complaints to make me run the other direction. After placing my on-line order I checked my e-mail later that night, to my surprise I found an e-mail stating that my card was declined and the e-mail following that was a booking receipt, very confusing? This was impossible, I had enough $ in my account, I looked at my on-line bank account and CheapOAir had in fact charged me for the flights. How can a card get declined and money taken out at the same time? You only get a receipt once something is paid for. None of it made any seance!
When I called them I was on guard immediately, one of the automated options is "press 6 if you have a declined card notice". This must happen a lot for it to be an option right when you call? People do not just make large purchases such as plane tickets without having the money to do so. As I was on hold I finally looked up reviews, I have never seen so many complaints! Many of them start just like mine, with a declined card, and ends nowhere good with people never seeing their money again.
When they finally did pick the extremely rude representative said that my card was declined. Why do I have a receipt then and why has money been taken out of my account? She said it must be a problem with my bank, also makes no seance! She actually had me forward her the e-mails, the ones that the company she works for sent me! The she said that she was going to run my card again. I told her "Absolutely not, I do not want your company touching my card any further!" Seriously, I told her no, very clearly and multiple times. She then puts me on hold and my bank account is now showing a second large amount taken by CheapOAir! Honestly I am a very calm person but at this point I was about to lose it. What the hell are they even doing keeping all my card information on hand to run as they please! When she got back on the phone all she had were excuses for me which made no seance at all. She did admit running my card again along with her saying she knows I told her not to......but she said she had no choice?
Within the following days I was on the phone which CheapOAir constantly, basically became a full time job. I talked to many different representatives all with different "explanations". They told me to wait, which I did only because I was exhausted. When I got back on the wagon a third amount showed up on my bank account! I called again, they kept saying that it was just a pre-authorization. Why are they preauthorizing any amount at all when they have already taken 2 amounts! it seriously sounds as though the employes are just reading from a script, the title is How to Accomplish a Scam. Finally one of the many service reps that I talked to said my flight had been cancelled and all my money will be refunded to me in consolation of all the "technical" problems. She said this has been the case for days now and had a lot to do with the third charge. That charge only showed up hours before I was on the phone with her. I was left confused as I was with every conversation but at this point I did not care to argue. Someone told me I was going to get my money back and that is all I cared to hear. That is all I wanted after this whole mess! I never even mention the flight itself. Many of the complaints were that they did have a flight which was confirmed by the actually airline itself and then with just hours to depart they showed up at the airport just to be told that their reservations have been cancelled.
Days later and hours of phone calls later all the charges except for one were put back. They still owe me $200. Aside from the money and all the time I spent dealing with the situation it honestly caused me tremendous amount of stress. In the end I never did go out of town as I did not have the money to book with a reputable company in time because it was all tied up with CheapOAir. I just hate that these companies can straight up steal your money, if someone broke into my house they would be arrested. I guess you can steal from people as long as it's via the internet. I never thought to check for scams involving booking a flight as I did check reviews on many other things.......now I check everything. I called them today (this all happened in the beginning of April) and they said a manager will call me back within 48 hours, I doubt it!
UPDATE: I did recieve a call about a month after I posted this only to go nowehre anyhow. Somehow they have not such notes on the computer regarding my file, what a suprise huh? THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED. IT IS NOT LEGAL TO STEAL AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING! THEY ARE NO BETTER THAN THUGS!

manny10 says: (9 years ago)
I am definitely interested in the lawsuit! I was promised a refund also. However I have gotten only the run around. The service representatives are rude and discourteous. They kept me convinced for months that I will receive a refund and never did. When I challenged the charges, I was met by threatening calls and hostility by Shane in billing. This company is the worst I have ever encountered and my business is customer satisfaction.
I am in the process of working with the newspaper to do a story on them to advertise their scams and fraud. They need to be exposed and shut dowm!

randrews says: (10 years ago)
Dear Customer, please contact me at randrews@cheapoair.com with your booking confirmation. There has to be more to this story than you losing 10500.00 on a vacation. If you purhcased non refundable tickets and had a change of plans, that would be out of our control. But let me see what the situation is, and see if we can help you out.

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